The Poster hasn't released payment yet, what do I do?

If you've completed a task but the Poster hasn't released payment yet, don't panic, stay calm! Here are some steps to follow that can help you:

  1. Make sure to mark the task as 'complete' if you haven't already. Do this by clicking the Request payment button. Remember that Posters can't release payment unless a task has been marked complete.
  2. If you've already done this, send the Poster a private message on Airtasker to let them know you've completed the task and ask if they're happy with it. Remember to be polite and professional.
  3. If the Poster doesn't release payment or reply after 48 hours of your private message, contact us for further help.

Let Airtasker Support take it from there! Here are the steps that we follow to help you:

Please note: Airtasker Support can only help with your outstanding payment once the three steps above have been followed. 

  1. The Support Team will conduct a number of checks on the task. These checks can include checking the task title, description, status, correspondence between both members and more. This helps us understand what has happened on the task.
  2. Once the required checks have been completed, the Support Team will proceed with following up with the Poster on your behalf. This is done over a four day period (timeframe may vary) via email correspondence. This gives the Poster the opportunity to raise any questions they have about the Task or payment release.
  3. If the Poster has an issue with the task, we can help with our dispute process. Otherwise, we can release payment.

Payment will be released in any of these situations:

  • The Poster releases payment and closes the task
  • The Poster confirms the task has been completed and has asked the Support Team to release it on their behalf
  • The Support Team is satisfied that the task has been completed and does not receive correspondence after the four day period (timeframe may vary). They can then release the payment on behalf of the Poster. 

Payment may not be released if the Poster raises questions about the completion of the task. The Support Team will investigate based on the Poster's concerns and assist with the next course of action, which may be Airtasker's dispute process. 

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