I've completed the task but the Poster hasn't released payment. Help!

If you've completed a task but the Poster hasn't released payment yet, don't panic, stay calm! Here are some steps you can follow that can help you:

1) Make sure to mark the task as 'complete' if you haven't already - Posters can't release payment unless a task has been marked complete.

2) Once you've marked the task as 'complete', let the Poster know through Airtasker Private Messages that you've completed the task and ask them if they're happy with the task. Remember to be polite and professional.

3) If the Poster doesn't release payment or reply after 48 hours of your private message, open a ticket with Airtasker Support and we can help you from there!

Please note that Airtasker Support can only help with your outstanding payment if you've marked the task as complete, sent a message through Airtasker Private Messages and allowed 48 hours for the Poster to respond.

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