Help! I’m having trouble with my Poster - what can I do?



Most tasks on Airtasker get completed without any complications, but sometimes undertaking tasks isn’t simple. Working with Posters can become more complex than expected. Disagreements can happen when Posters and Taskers expect different results on a task or something doesn't go to plan.

If you’re having trouble with your Poster, try following the below tips. Airtasker has a free dispute service, but you’ll need to try and resolve your differences first before we can help you.


Communicate openly

Unclear communication is the leading cause of disagreements on Airtasker. To help prevent communication from breaking down further, keep communication lines open. Be straightforward, concise and honest in your messaging.



  • Be clear in your communication (don’t be afraid to double check details such as the date/time if you’re not sure).
  • Be aware of your tone over messages - things written can come across differently than you intended.
  • Try to reply as quickly as you can to Posters messages. Giving regular updates and prompt messaging helps reduce tension.
  • If you feel the task isn't going well - ask for feedback from the Poster about what they’re not satisfied with. This might help nip complications in the bud if you can talk openly about what's going on.
  • If the communication is becoming heated -  reach out to Airtasker Support if you’re unsure about what to do next.
  • Keep communicating through Airtasker (with private messaging) as much as possible so that we’re in the best possible position to help you if you need.
  • If something’s going wrong, genuine apologies can go a long way to help diffusing tension and move forward.



  • Wait a long time to respond to the Poster’s messages. They might try and cancel the task if they don’t hear from you.
  • Be rude or disrespectful in your messaging. Poor behaviour never helps and can lead to your account being limited (or in some cases, deactivated).
  • Respond badly to feedback. It can be hard to receive constructive criticism about your work, but we’d encourage you not to take it to heart. Try and learn from the experience and use it for the next task if you can.


Complete the task as best you can

We understand that sometimes when you arrive to do a task, it might be a bit different from the description. If you’re confident you can still complete the task, we’d encourage you to do your best to complete what needs to be done.



  • Make a genuine effort to complete the task as it’s described.
  • If the task changes from the task description, make sure you record the difference in the private messages (take photos if you can).
  • Collect evidence of the work you’ve done (e.g. photos again)



  • Do a task if you don’t feel safe or qualified to do so.
  • Start extra work without the Poster agreeing to pay more. Use the 'increase price' feature and wait until they've accepted before you start any additional work.


Discuss payment

We understand that getting paid fairly for your time and effort is really important to you. We can also understand if you feel the task isn’t going to plan then you may be concerned about payment. One of the great things about using Airtasker is that once you're assigned to a task, payment is held in Airtasker Pay. If something doesn’t go to plan, the task payment is held securely for you.


  • Use Airtasker Pay as a safe way to get paid. When you’re doing a task, you know that payment is held securely until it’s done. Airtasker can help out if the Poster doesn’t release payment after the task has been completed.
  • Be clear in your offer about what is and isn’t included in your price to complete the task.
  • If the task hasn’t been completed, suggest a reduced payment amount. Use how much of the task has been done, your time and effort as a guide.


  • Pay for things and incur expenses for doing a task without confirming with the Job Poster that you'll be reimbursed. Use the increase price feature so that payment is held securely for you.
  • Ask for payment outside of Airtasker (e.g. cash). If the Poster doesn’t pay, we won’t be able to help you to get paid.


We understand that being in a dispute is stressful and that you want fair payment for completing tasks. We hope these tips will help you in come to an agreement with your Poster. Just a friendly reminder – an agreement has to be reached for the payment to be released.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking directly with the Poster, perhaps due to a trust and safety concern (or you’re worried for your own safety), please let us know here with screenshots of your communication.

If you’ve already tried these tips and haven’t come to a resolution within 48 hours, please read through Airtasker’s dispute process here. 

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