What are repeating tasks and how do I use them?

So you’ve had a task done well and want it done again in the future? You’re in luck - that’s what repeating tasks are for!

Repeating tasks are a great way of automatically posting the same task again using the same details, location etc (though you can also change these if you like).

This option will appear once you leave a review (after your initial task is completed).

To repeat a task, simply:

  1. Select “Repeat this task” after you’ve left a review for a completed task.
  2. Look over the details, make sure the location is correct etc. If you’d like to change something, simply select “Edit” in the top right hand corner, make your changes and select “Save”.
  3. Make sure the budget is right and select a date.
  4. If you’d like the same Tasker to do the task again, make sure to check underneath “Would you like to request a quote as well?”.
  5. Select “Post this task”.
  6. Wait for the offers to roll in and get the task done again!

If you checked the box to request a quote, the Tasker that completed your previous task will get a notification that you’d like them to do another task for you. You’ll also be able to get offers from other Taskers on the platform, so you’ll have the choice of who you want to do the task.

*Please note - we can only repeat tasks for 1 Tasker at the moment, so no repeating projects just yet - Sorry!


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