How do I add the CommBank Identified Badge to my profile?

Members who are CommBank customers can add the CommBank Identified Badge on the badging page of their profile. The badge will be displayed once your full name and date of birth on Airtasker are verified against your CommBank details.

To ensure verifications remain current, the CommBank Identified Badge will be re-verified from time to time.

Learn more about the CommBank Identified Badge.


Important notes:

In order to add this badge, Airtasker receives one time access to a member’s name and date of birth details. Once these details are checked, the information is no longer accessible to Airtasker, and is not stored in any way. Airtasker cannot, at any point, access financial or additional personal details.

Once the badge is successfully added to your profile, you will no longer be able to edit your name and date of birth details, and will instead need to contact Airtasker Support in order to do so.

Airtasker reserves the right to amend or remove the CommBank Identified Badge from a member’s profile at any time.

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