How do I reschedule a task?

To reschedule a task, navigate to the task page and select 'Reschedule'.

You will then be prompted to:

  1. Select the new date and preferred time for the task to be completed by
  2. Select ‘Submit’

The other member will then receive a notification with the proposed new date and time. They will be prompted to accept the proposed new date and time, or given the option to select ‘Reschedule’ should they choose to propose different arrangements to the ones you have suggested.

If the other member selects ‘Reschedule’ you will be required to accept the revised date and time proposed by them in order for it to be finalised.

Once you have both agreed on a new date and time, the task will be updated with the revised details.

We encourage members to only reschedule tasks if they have discussed and agreed on the new date and time with each other prior to initiating the rescheduling process.

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