Is there anything I should watch out for when making offers on tasks?

We take trust and integrity in the marketplace very seriously. Our teams do their best to stop bad actors and contact any member affected by their behaviour as soon as possible.

However, it’s also important that all of our community members are kept well informed about possible fraudulent activity on our platform. Knowing what to look out for and report will keep Airtasker safe for all.

When you’re making offers on tasks, we advise you to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour and report it to us to investigate further. You can make a report by either flagging a comment or task, or contacting us here with the information.

Here are some examples of potentially suspicious activity to report:

  • An oddly high value for the task (e.g. $150 to visit a shop)
  • Delivery tasks, especially when Taskers are required to use their own money for a purchase
  • Sense of urgency (e.g "I need this done NOW"). Fraudulent members want the transaction completed as quickly as possible, before we have a chance to investigate
  • Posts at odd times of the night (e.g. a delivery task at 4am)
  • Collection of purchased goods (e.g. Pick up a new laptop from a retailer and deliver elsewhere)
  • Forwarding mail or packages (e.g. Picking up a package and forwarding on through a delivery service)
  • Requests that you use your own account on another online marketplace to sell goods

If something seems off, please do not hesitate to ask the Poster for more information prior to commencing the task.

We welcome all reports of unusual tasks of anything you feel is not quite right. You can contact us at any time here, and our specialist team will investigate.

This will help to make Airtasker safer for all our members, and ensure that cyber criminals aren’t able to use our platform to commit fraud.

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