How do reviews work?

Reviews help people trust in our community by creating an easy, honest and reliable way for members to know what to expect from each other.

Whether you’ve posted a task or you’ve completed one, leaving your honest and fair feedback about how it went gives a great guide for the community.


Airtasker has 2 indicators of a members performance history: 

Star rating and reviews: The average star rating is based from all the reviews that a member has received from past tasks.  

Completion rate: This is an indicator of reliability and shows the percentage of tasks that a member has completed compared to all the tasks they were assigned. Only the cancellations that were caused by the member will effect their rate. The completion rate is only show after the member has been assigned to 5 Tasks or more. 


To help keep it honest, reviews are only made public once both sides have left a review. As soon as the payment is released and the task closed, each person has 14 days to leave a review. If both reviews are left within this period, we’ll publish them straight away. After 14 days, any submitted reviews will go public, no matter if one member has or hasn't left a review.  

After 14 days has passed, members won’t be able to leave reviews on any past tasks.

Reviews must follow Airtasker's Review Guidelines. If a review has been found to breach these guidelines, it will be removed. 

We can only remove reviews if they breach our guidelines, or if the author has requested it themselves without coercion. Once a review has been removed for either reason, you will be unable to leave a new one. 

Reviews and star ratings cannot be edited after they have been published. If you change your mind about what you have written, we can only remove the review for you. 

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