Payment Community Guidelines (for Taskers)

To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all members of the Airtasker community, it’s important to understand how pricing and payments work.

4.1 Offer prices

Offers placed must be totalled to the full amount per task. All costs must be included in your offer, with the exception of tip fees, material costs and purchases on behalf of the Poster, such as food and grocery deliveries. Posters can reimburse the aforementioned costs in cash upon seeing the receipt.

In addition, offers must not be hourly, unit or quote based.

It’s important that all pricing is fair for both the Taskers and Poster, therefore low offers will be flagged and removed. Partial quotes mentioning further negotiation of prices off the platform are also not supported.

  • Example 1: Julia posted a task and received an offer from Alberto saying "Difficult to estimate how long this task will take, so I prefer to charge by hourly rates. My offer is for 5 hours at 20 per hour, but we can finalise the price upon task completion based on how long it takes." Alberto was notified that his comment is not within our guidelines and Julia was reminded to only accept offers that are totalled to a full amount per task. In instances like this, we suggest you estimate the length of time the task will take to complete and calculate a total amount per task. 
  • Example 2: Adam posted a task with a budget of 100. Stephanie made an offer of 15 for this task indicating that there would be further negotiations via private conversations outside the platform. Stephanie's offer was flagged as she only placed a partial price.
  • Example 3Dom posted a task for someone to drive him to and from work for the rest of the week. Stacy offered to complete the task for 200 through Airtasker and 75 to be paid in cash to cover petrol costs. Her offer was removed because she asked for the cost of petrol to be paid separately.

4.2 Airtasker Pay

Cash payments are not supported on the Airtasker platform. To ensure that you get paid for a task our Airtasker Pay system securely holds the task funds until you mark the task as complete.

4.3 Accurate banking details

To ensure a seamless transition of funds, please ensure your banking details are up to date in your Payment Settings. It's important that your banking details are in your name and belong to you.


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