What are unsupported practices on Airtasker?

We do not support the below activities within our Airtasker community, as it jeopardises the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment, which we highly value.

3.1 Fraudulent Airtasker reviews

Trust is crucial on Airtasker, therefore creating or requesting fraudulent reviews for your Airtasker profile is not supported. This two-way system holds everyone accountable for their own actions and behaviours. Maintaining our integrity, authenticity, honesty and transparency is critical to our Airtasker community.

  • Example 1: Troy is new to Airtasker and believes that having more reviews increases the chance of his offer being accepted on a task. He decides to set up a second fraudulent account and assign himself to fake tasks to leave himself fabricated reviews. The Airtasker team become aware of Troy's behaviour and he is immediately contacted for breaching Community Guidelines.
  • Example 2: Harper posted a task to have someone install her blinds. Josh was assigned to the task and completed the task as per Harper's instructions. However, Josh scratched some of the paint off the wall in the process and offered to pay Harper in cash for the damage as long as she left him a good review on Airtasker. Harper knew this would be breaking the Community Guidelines and advised him she would write an honest and fair review, sharing both positive and negative opinions of his work. Harper was correct in declining Josh's request to forge a positive review.  

3.2. Artificially improving public profile

Completion Rates measure how reliable and committed you are to the tasks you post or are assigned to. Artificially improving your public profile, including the manipulation of Completion Rates, is not supported by Airtasker as it jeopardises the creation of a fair and trustworthy system.

3.3 Discussion forum

Airtasker is a marketplace for outsourcing short-term tasks and not a forum for discussions. Members of the community have mentioned that they use the Airtasker platform to get things done and don't like reading through comments that aren't helpful for their task. 

Comments that don't ask for or give more information about an offer or the task are considered off-topic. Taskers should only comment to ask for more task information or to clarify their own offer. Posters should only comment to give more task information or ask for information about a Tasker and their offer.

3.4 Harvesting member information

Harvesting member contact details is the process of obtaining lists of contact details. This is not supported by Airtasker and you should not make an offer/post a task of any such kind. 

  • Example 1: Hannah posted a task asking Taskers to find her contact details of 50 sales managers in the Australian health care industry. Hannah was contacted by an Airtasker team member who let her know her task was cancelled.

3.5 Lead generation

Lead generation is the initiation of consumer interest or inquiry into products or services of a particular business. This includes posts about campaigns that involve cold calling, email blasts, contacting key decision-makers, prequalifying them and introducing services where appropriate. This is not supported by Airtasker and you should not make an offer on any such tasks. 

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