How can I view all of my open offers?

We know that keeping track of your pending offers is important to help you manage your time. This is why we have created a filter for you to view the offers you have made.

The feature will let you see a list of tasks where you have made an offer, however, it only shows the tasks which are still open and unassigned. Tasks that have been already assigned to you or someone else, or those that have been cancelled will not show in this list. 

When you view your pending offers, you can see the tasks which have the possibility of being assigned to you. You can then update or withdraw offers easily if your circumstances change, or leave the Posters comments the follow up on your offer. 


How do I use this feature?

  1. Go to the My Tasks tab when logged into your account.
  2. Filter the view by Offers pending
  3. You will be able to see the offers you have made on tasks which are still open and unassigned. 

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