My credit card payment didn't go through

If you’re trying to add a valid card with sufficient funds, and it’s not being accepted, the first step is to review the card details to double check they’re correct.You can do this by logging in to your account, selecting Payment Methods and looking at the following:

  • Your name is as it appears on your card without the title (Mr/Mrs/Ms, etc.)
  • The card number, expiry and CVC are all correct
  • There are no spaces before or after any of the numbers
  • Make sure that if your card is new, you’ve checked it has been activated by your bank.

If all of those details are correct and you’re still having issues, you can try using another card and see if it will work. You can also try adding your payment details in the app orweb browser on another device.

If that still it doesn’t do the trick, contact us here and provide the first 6 and last 3 digits of the card that you're trying to use, together with a screenshot of any errors that you're receiving. For security purposes, please don’t provide the full number.

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