What is the service fee?

The service fee is an amount you pay to Airtasker when you’re assigned a task you’ve made an offer on.

We value transparency at Airtasker and know that our members do too. We’ve put together this FAQ guide to help you understand the service fee.  

Here's what you'll find here:

Why do you charge a service fee?

There are costs involved with running the Airtasker marketplace, and we charge a service fee on all payments to keep it running and growing.

The service fee is re-invested into covering costs such as secure payment systems, fraud protection, public liability insurance, personal accident cover and support services. The fees also help us to continue improving our technology and marketing to bring you more task opportunities.

How is the service fee calculated?

Your service fee for each task you offer on will be calculated according to your current “tier.” The service fee can range from 10-20% (excluding GST) of the task price.

The tier you belong to is based on how much you’ve earned over the previous 30 days. The higher the amount you earn and the higher your tier, the lower your fee for new tasks.

That’s why you might notice different fee rates on different tasks and offer amounts, especially as you increase your Airtasker earnings. All rates will also have GST added appropriately.

Read more about the specifics of Tiered Pricing here.

How can I tell what my service fee is?

When you make an offer on a task, the full breakdown of the service fee will be displayed so you can make sure the task is right for you. This will also be where you’ll see any GST payable and what tier applies to you. 

You can look back at your payment history in your account at any time for a specific breakdown of the fee for each task you’ve completed.

How do I reduce my service fee?

Our tiered pricing structure means that the more you earn on Airtasker, the lower your fee. Read more about tiered pricing in our FAQ here.

How do I pay the service fee?

The fee will only be applied once you’ve been assigned to the task - if you don’t win the work, you won’t pay.

After the task has been completed and the Poster releases payment, you’ll then receive the task payment, minus the service fee.

How is the service fee related to tax?

Airtasker is registered for GST, so we’re required to pay this to the ATO on the service fee applied to Taskers. Depending on your own individual tax circumstances, you may be able to claim back the GST on the service fee (check out this article for more info).

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