How do I add a profile photo to my account?

Update your profile with a picture by going to Settings > Account > Upload Photo

To help foster trust and transparency we encourage all members to include a profile photo and display name that reflects who they really are.

Reasons to have a photo of your face:

  • Trust - People tend to trust each other if they know who they are
  • Safety - For safety reasons it’s important that individuals are not anonymous
  • Greater earnings - Airtaskers with recognisable profile photos of their face are more than 10% more likely to get tasks!

Which profile photo works best?

  1. Focus on your face - A headshot with your smile works best.
  2. Face the light - Use a well lit photo with the light coming from in front of you.
  3. Think big - Upload a photo that’s at least 600 pixels wide. This will ensure a crisp clear image
  4. Avoid distortion - Colour photos with minor distortions are better received by audiences

Note: Airtasker reserves the right to remove profile photos and display names that are deemed inappropriate. It may soon be a requirement for all members to have a clearly identifiable profile photo and name.  

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