What is the Working with Children Badge? How do I get one?

To help you build that trust and transparency the community needs, we've created the Working with Children Badge.

We encourage all qualified members to apply for this badge. This badge will instantly boost your profile and offers - helping you stand out when Job Posters are deciding who should complete their task, especially for child-related tasks.

What you need: An existing Working with Children Check (relevant to your state).

Please note: Depending on your state you may incur an application fee of $11 incl GST. Don't worry this will be stated clearly within the application. 

Unfortunately due to a technical issue, we’re not accepting any licence badge applications at this time. If you have any questions please contact us on

  1. Fill out the application for your relevant state or territory (as linked above)
  2. Your check is validated with the relevant registry.
  3. Then we'll add the badge to your profile.

Important note:

Please note that this verification depends on accurate information provided by the applicant.

Important note for Job Posters:

Please note that the Badge is granted based on a point in time check which means results only reflect relevant records on the date that the check was completed . If you engage a Working with Children Badge holder for tasks involving children, you should verify their current credentials prior to the task being carried out.

Once you’ve accepted an offer you can request the following details from a Working with Children Badge Airtasker:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Check no.

To verify the check please click on the relevant state below:







SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Please sight a physical copy of the check.

ACT - Please sight a physical copy of the registration.

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