I'm a Poster what happens if I breach Community Guidelines

Airtasker is an open community that aims to empower people to realise the full value of their skills. Our platform connects people who need tasks done with people who can do them. It is an incredibly diverse community made up of members from all different backgrounds, values and norms. As the community grows it becomes increasingly important that all members follow certain guidelines, which reflect the values and standards of the community.

Airtasker is committed to building a community platform that is a fun and safe environment for all. This commitment is grounded on the principles of transparency and respect. To that end, all of us - Job Posters and Airtasker Workers, agree to adhere to the Community Guidelines to ensure everyone’s experience with Airtasker is safe and rewarding. The Community Guidelines are part of the Terms & Conditions you agree to when signing up to Airtasker.

Members that breach the Community Guidelines may have their account limited or deactivated until further notice and will not be able to transact on the Airtasker platform.

As part of our commitment to transparency, we’ve put together the table (see below) to outline some common reasons why an account may be limited and approximate durations.

There may be other instances where a deactivation of your account could apply if your activity is severe enough. How long the deactivation lasts may also vary, as it depends on the breach and any warnings or deactivations previously issued. Whilst Airtasker will try and remain fair, it is important that Airtasker preserves the right to limit or deactivate in its absolute discretion and any limitations placed on your account do not waive our other rights under the Terms & Conditions. You will be notified of any limitations or deactivations via email.

If an account is deactivated or limited any additional accounts created by that person will also be deactivated and further action will be taken because the creation of multiple accounts is also against the Community Guidelines. If you’ve got any questions or think an error has been made, you can contact our support team at


If your account is limited you will no longer be able to use the Airtasker platform -  meaning you won’t be able to post or complete tasks. However, if you still have active tasks they can still be completed.

Repeated breaches may result in longer periods of your account being limited or being deactivated.





Ignoring task posting guidelines

  • Repeatedly posting unsupported tasks as per the Airtasker Community Guidelines even after being educated and/or warned.
  • Posting tasks that breach another company’s terms and conditions

You can find our Task posting guidelines here.

Limited for 7 days

Publicly sharing/requesting private information

  • Sharing/requesting contact information before an offer is accepted,  task is assigned even after being educated and/ or warned.

Limited for 7 days

Pricing & Payments

Offer prices:

  • Accepting a partial offer (a price that is not reflective of the total work required.)

Airtasker Pay:

  • Offering or making payments in cash whether in the comments or private messages.when assigning a task

Learn more about pricing and payments.

Limited for 7 days

Ignoring requests for information from Airtasker

  • Multiple unanswered requests for information on insurance, disputes or breaches of Community guidelines

Account will be limited until further notice

Account eligibility (a)

  • Below 18 years old

All members of the Airtasker community must be 18 years or older. This is a legal requirement as people under the age of 18 are not able to enter a legal contract with Airtasker. Airtasker reserves the right to request proof of age if necessary.

Account will be limited until the person turns 18.

Identification requested

Often we need to receive identification from a member for the following reasons

  • Validating identity for credit card check/payment verification
  • Investigation into duplicate accounts
  • Making sure personal information is accurate, falsifying information or sharing  accounts is not allowed
  • Checking for impersonation, including:
    - using someone else’s personal information.
    - Using a different identity to operate duplicate accounts.
    - Impersonating Airtasker staff
  • Ensuring personal information, falsified information or sharing of account is not allowed

Account will be limited until a valid ID is provided.

Account will be deactivated if a valid ID is not provided within a certain time period.




If your account is deactivated you will no longer be able to log in and use the Airtasker platform until further notice.


  • If your account has been deactivated indefinitely we would consider reassessing the matter in 12 months.




Unacceptable behavior

  • Multiple complaints flagged and highlighted by various community members on the same account. The Marketplace Trust team will investigate the matter).

Temporary deactivation until a decision is made by the support team.

Longer deactivation period could apply.

Breaching task posting guidelines

  • Continuously posting spam tasks
  • Repeatedly posting unsupported tasks after being warned
  • Posting adult, assignment or illegal tasks after rewording

Account will be deactivated until further notice.


  • Making a chargeback
  • Not withdrawing a chargeback after contact from Airtasker to do so

Account will be deactivated until further notice.

Fraudulent and/or illegal activity

  • Committing, or being complicit in fraudulent activity on the platform (including coupon and review fraud)**

Account will be deactivated until further notice depending on the severity of the matter.

Account eligibility (b)

  • Creating and operating more than one account
  • Creating and operating an account after the first account was limited / deactivated
  • Sale or transfer of an account

Read more about account eligibility and administration here.

Account will be deactivated until further notice.

Threatening or unwanted contact

  • Inappropriate behaviour towards other community members
  • Inappropriate or abusive language used towards Airtasker staff or other members

Account will be deactivated after warnings.

Breaching Community Guidelines

  • Inappropriate behavior towards other community members (hatred, violence, discrimination, sexual/adult based activity).
  • Inappropriate language (threats,constant trolling, sexual)
  • Continuously breaching Community Guidelines even after being educated and/or warned.

Learn more about unacceptable behaviours here.

Account will be deactivated until further notice.

** Coupon and review fraud

  • Fraudulent Airtasker reviews
  • Artificially inflating Airtasker profile with tasks and reviews
  • Failing to satisfy the terms and conditions of coupon redemption

Post Community Guidelines sign-off

You may need to sign-off on the Airtasker Community Guidelines if you repeat a breach that you have already been warned about. This sign-off is written confirmation that you have read and understood the Airtasker Community Guidelines and what would happen if you breach them again.

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