What is the Gasfitting and Plumbing Badge? How do I get one?

Our Gasfitting and Plumbing badges for licenced trade contractors are now available for Airtaskers Australia-wide. It's a great way to show of your professional qualifications when making offers on tasks where a licence is required.

Airtaskers with badges are more than twice as likely to get their offers accepted as Job Posters look for badges specifically for these kinds of tasks. Not to mention these badges are FREE - if you have the licences click on the relevant state below and start earning more!


New South Wales




South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory


To apply:

  1. Fill out the application for your relevant state or territory (above).
  2. Your licence is checked with the relevant registry.
  3. Then we'll add the Plumbing or Gasfitting Badge to your profile.

Once your licence details have been checked with a government registry, we'll add the Badge(s) to your profile. It's 100% free (we’re covering the application fee & display fee) for those who want to take part.

If you’ve got a any other trade licences, it’s best to call out the licence number when you make an offer on a task. We’ll hopefully be rolling out licence badges for other trades Australia-wide later this year.

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