What happened to the Coles Badge?

The Coles badge will no longer be available, and existing badges will be retired from profiles.

We value transparency at Airtasker, and know that our members do too. We’ve put together this FAQ guide to help you understand the conclusion of the Coles partnership.

  • Why did the partnership with Coles end?

Our partnership with Coles was on a trial basis for a one year period. Airtasker and Coles have agreed to conclude the partnership.

  • When did the partnership with Coles end?

As of the end of October, 2018, our partnership with Coles has come to an end and there will be no more official Coles delivery tasks.  

  • Can I still do grocery tasks?

Posters can still have their shopping delivered through Airtasker, they just won’t have the option to do so directly from the Coles website.

  • Will the service fee be charged on price increases for groceries?

Yes. All transactions on Airtasker will have the service fee applied, including using the task Price Increase function.

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