What’s the best way to get eBay selling help tasks done?

Start by posting your task, which will be put it up on Airtasker for all Airtasker Workers to make offers on. Make sure to put these into your task description:
  • List all the items that you want on eBay
  • Details of your items (e.g. for clothing say the brand names, sizes, the condition, or for electronics say any specifications and the condition)
  • Add images of your items if you can
  • Say what you’re looking for in terms of timing, keeping in contact etc
  • Say what the plan is if your items don’t end up selling

Once you’ve posted your task, wait to get offers from Airtaskers (you should start receiving some within a few minutes). Then simply accept the offer from the person you think is the best for your task!

How do I pick the best Airtasker Worker to help me?

Once you start getting offers, keep an eye out for Airtaskers with good Reviews, high Completion Rates and Badges like Digital ID, CommBank Identified and Police Check. These are good indications of great Airtaskers! You can also check if they have a good eBay account rating (ask them to send you a screenshot of their eBay account name and score).

What should I do once I’ve accepted an offer?

Once you choose an Airtasker with experience selling items on eBay, then give details of what you’re looking to sell and listen to their advice on how much it may be able to be sold for.

When do I pay the Airtasker Worker?

This will securely hold the payment for the Airtasker Worker until the task is done and you select the button “release payment”.

Please remember, when you’re posting a task:

  • Don’t suggest that task payment will be based on any kind of result - commission based tasks aren’t allowed on Airtasker and will be taken down.
    • e.g. don’t expect the Airtasker to be paid a percentage of the sale price.
  • Commission based tasks are not allowed on the Airtasker platform and will be taken down
    • e.g. don’t expect the worker to be paid a percentage of the sale price)
  • Airtasker is a services marketplace - so no there’s no trading of goods
    • e.g. don’t ask workers to buy your items from you.
  • Please remember that for your own protection, you should not share your eBay or PayPal credentials with anyone.
  • It’s up to you if you want to give your items to an Airtasker to do the postage. However, if they’re lost or damaged then Airtasker insurance won’t apply.
  • View our complete list of our Community Guidelines

Get to know the Job Poster and make extra sure you know what they’re looking for before you make an offer.

Keep them up to date with what’s happening along the way and show them your eBay tips and tricks if you’re helping them sell their own items.

Check what they want

Double check what kind of eBay listing they want (e.g. fixed price vs auction, listing duration and minimum selling price) and make sure they’re happy with it once it’s up and running. 

It’s best to chat about it with the Job Poster and agree on what’s the minimum selling price for each item. That will help prevent any disagreements later on.

And lastly, make sure you agree on how many changes the Job Poster can ask for on the listing before you put it up. That will help prevent constant revisions.

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