What are eBay selling help tasks?

eBay selling tasks are a great way for those who have unwanted items that they want to sell (but don’t have the time or skills), to sell them quickly and easily.
Post details of your items for sale on Airtasker and get someone to help you out decluttering and selling your items.
How can I take part?
Just sign up to Airtasker and post your task up for people to make offers on! 
These are your chance to put your eBay selling skills to good use! Job Posters who need help selling their unwanted items on eBay are looking for people who are great at selling them. As with any task on Airtasker, you’ll be paid for your time and expertise.
What do I need?
All you need to take part is an eBay account and experience selling items on eBay - head over to
What if someone offers commission?
If you see an eBay task suggesting payment by commission (such as saying you’ll be paid or given a bonus depending on how well it sells), we suggest you don’t make an offer on it. Commission-based tasks aren’t supported on Airtasker, so our moderators will flag and cancel the task. That means there’s a good chance you may not get paid at the end.
Commission based tasks go against the Airtasker Community Guidelines - we don’t want payment for your time and effort to be dependant on elements out of your control! If there’s a Job Poster insisting on this, please report the task and we’ll moderate it.
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